Proprietary presentations are not sourced on this website but are accessible to Blues employees via the BlueWeb under the section Conferences, Meetings and Training listed as “2016 Blue Information Management Symposium”.


Keynote Session Presentations: 

Presentation: Keynote Speech – Improving Clinical Informatics 

Speaker: Dr. Tom Simmer, Chief Medical Officer (BCBSM) 


Presentation: “Tom Sawyer Effect”: a Learning Health System Approach to Foster Large Scale Transformation

Speaker: Dr. Tim Pletcher (MiHIN) 


Innovation Session Presentations: 

Presentation: Innovation: Accelerating Innovative Healthcare Technology

Speaker: Steve Abell, Vice President, Strategic Services (BCBSAR)


Breakout Session Presentations: 

Breakout 1: Technical Track: Enabling Standards

Speakers: Michael Anderson (BCBSAL) and Swarna Govindaraju (BCBSNC)


Breakout 4: Business Track: Industry Trends and Effective Analysis

Speakers: Jyothi Anantha (BCBSTN)


Breakout 6: Technical Track: Panel Discussion Birds of a Feather Group for Data Architects

Speakers: All “Bird” Members


Breakout 9: Technical Track: What is Data Quality and How Does it Work?

Speakers: Andrew Stewardson (BCBSNE) and Cameron Ludwig (BCBSNE)


Breakout 10: Technical Track: MDM Without Data Governance

Speakers: Tom Barrieau (BCBSID) and Tina McCoppin (BCBSID)


Breakout 11: Business Track: Employer Reporting Tells the Value Story

Speakers: Sharon Palmiter (Excellus)


Breakout 12: Business & Technical Track: Survey Results – Key Insights on IM and Business Analytics Measures

Speakers: Robert Fox (BCBSAR) & Amitech


Breakout 13: Technical Track: Data Security – BCBSMN’s Current Data Protection Initiative to Secure PHI in the Warehouse and Analytics Environments

Speakers: Bill Nelson (BCBSMN) and Marco Carmona (Protegrity)


Breakout 14: Technical Track: Location Analytics

Speakers: Leigh McCormack (BCBSTN) & FuzzyLogix


Breakout 17: Business Track: Transformation from Static Reporting to Interactive Analytics Consulting

Speakers: Timothy Donald (BCBSNJ)


Breakout 20: Business Track: Production Refresh – Ensuring Quality in the Face of Adversity

Speakers: Richard Genova (BCBSA)


Sponsor Sessions:

Monday Session A: How to Create a Center of Excellence to Ensure Data Integrity Across Your Organization

Speakers: Infogix


Monday Session B: Data Marketplace: Make cataloging, search, and Information Presentation a Fixture of Your Business

Speakers: Knowledgent 


Tuesday Session B: Payer-Provider Collaboration Supported by Data and Population Health Analytics 

Speakers: Trexin