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CHP Logo_Transparent  HDMS
About Consortium Health Plans...
Consortium Health Plans was formed in 1994 to help its founding Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans position themselves as the preferred choice for national accounts.
Now a national coalition of 21 leading BCBS Plans, Consortium provides a clear and unified voice, as well as effective central coordination, for the Blue System among national accounts and the consultants and brokers who serve them. Consortium does not replace the working relationships that consultants and brokers have with individual Plans. Rather, Consortium harnesses the significant strengths of the Blue Plans to give these producers a single point of contact to:

  • deliver a consistent Blue message to the market
  • identify and report on Blue Plan capabilities
  • provide consistent annual RFI responses for all Blue Plans
  • quickly answer diverse questions about national account capabilities of the BCBS System
  • troubleshoot communications issues and help resolve any producer concerns about what BCBS can do for their clients
  • connect them with the right individuals within the BCBS System who can help them advocate for their clients
  • provide written materials to support the Blue value proposition

For more information, visit http://www.consortiumhealthplans.com/.

About HDMS...
As the premier provider of healthcare decision support solutions, HDMS empowers employers and health plans to maximize the value of their healthcare data through powerful, specialized and customized, web-based reporting and analysis tools. HDMS partners with its BCBS clients to provide them with a leading edge account reporting solution. By utilizing state of the art technology and incorporating the most current analytic methodologies, HDMS facilitates answering the questions being asked in today’s complex healthcare market. Our BCBS plan partners are now better equipped to work consultatively with their employer clients to address the most important and unique issues they face. For more information, visit http://www.hdms.com.

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Blue Health Intelligence Infogix
About BHI...
America’s broadest, deepest pool of health information, analysts and thought leaders. Engaged in serious work.

Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) accesses the industry’s largest and most comprehensive, conformed healthcare database of integrated medical and pharmacy claims. As a result, BHI is a valuable resource for virtually any entity committed to high-quality healthcare coverage and services in America.

All data used for BHI analytics undergoes four levels of certification, including an independent third-party actuarial review, ensuring the strongest foundation of statistically reliable data. Comprehensive, de-identified data fully complies with HIPAA regulatory requirements to protect member privacy.

Join BHI for two breakout sessions drilling into exceptional predictive software as a service (SaaS) models, supporting care management, identifying at-risk patients, and determining appropriate levels of care and effective disease management programs. Plus, session attendees will be eligible to enter a drawing for a UE Boom wireless Bluetooth® speaker.

  • WHYZEN Analytics, a client analytics and reporting solution will be presented and discussed by Gary Gavin, VP, Key and Large Group Business, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan (BCBSM) and Mary Henderson, Senior Vice President, Account Innovations, Blue Health Intelligence (BHI) at 2:15 p.m. on Tuesday, September 27.
  • Xchange Advisor, a flexible risk adjustment platform that uses transparent technology, advanced analytics, and predictive models to maximize the financial impact of Commercial and Medicare Advantage Risk Adjustment will be presented and discussed by Roxanna Cross, Senior Director of Product Management, Blue Health Intelligence, during lunch on Monday, September 26.

These presentations will explore how BHI’s analytics capabilities can even identify patient risk factors, allowing clients to proactively address those factors. Just as exciting, these actionable insights ultimately help raise quality standards and manage rising healthcare costs.

Our Corporate Leadership team and Board of Managers include many of the most highly respected leaders and innovators in the fields of healthcare analytics, information technology solutions, research, and data warehousing and integration. Their wealth of expertise is helping to create unlimited possibilities for the entire healthcare arena.

About InfoGix...
Infogix helps solve business challenges by analyzing data as it moves through complex business environments to improve the customer experience, corporate profitability and operational efficiency.

The Infogix Enterprise Data Analysis Platform improves data quality, ensures effective transaction monitoring, provides balancing and reconciliation, identifies and predicts fraud and customer behavior.

Infogix provides best-in-class solutions that seamlessly integrate into your operations and allows you to manage highly complex, data intensive business environments. By analyzing, processing and monitoring 100% of data in real-time or in batch, Infogix is able to provide proactive and actionable intelligence to manage operational workflows and steps.

Using a horizontal platform, Infogix is industry and system agnostic, with the capability to access and utilize disparate data streams to monitor and analyze data within and across applications. With flexible cloud and on-premise deployment options and cost-effective implementation, your organization benefits from a wide range of use cases across these areas:

  • Data Integrity
  • Governance, Risk & Compliance
  • Operational Efficiencies
  • Revenue Optimization
  • Fraud Prevention

With a customer renewal rate of nearly 100%, our customers rely on us for mitigating risk and conducting the data analysis necessary to drive a superior customer experience. Our top 10 customers have stayed with us for more than 20 years. We analyze data for more than 70% of BCBS members and for 4 of the top 5 health insurers. How can we help you?

Abinitio  Clarity
 About Clarity Solution Group...
At Clarity Solution Group, passion for data and ease of doing business drive everything we do. With unmatched expertise, scope and scale, our sole focus is solving the biggest data problems for our clients. Whatever business, analytic or data problems our customers have, we help them design, integrate and apply the power of data at scale within their specific business reality. We have been trusted partners to the most exacting, data-intensive organizations for years. Our people have expertise and big data heritage dating back well over a decade. Our customers tap data and analytics expertise behind some of the world’s most data-intensive brands. Clarity’s approach results in a faster time-to-answers, lower cost-of-answers and highest quality-of-answers. Clarity supports the growth of our clients’ internal teams with a philosophy of knowledge-transfer rather than knowledge-dependency. This partnership model continuously advances our clients’ analytics capabilities, making data a source of lasting differentiation.

Clarity Solution Group has a long history of working with Blue Cross Blue Shield organizations. In a recent example of our work, Clarity created a predictive engine to understand the drivers for individual member migration at a BCBS organization. We evolved our analytical model by leveraging multiple data sources, internal and external, to quantify the effect of each factor influencing member decisions on plan selection or churn. Outputs from the engine directly supported plan design and pricing, as well as member forecasting and retention activities. This engine, combined with utilization predictions, yielded substantial capability for the business, lead to increased revenue and profitability (reduced risk), as well as improved the overall customer satisfaction and retention.

Other examples of some of our recent work across industries includes:

  • Built and implemented a real-time streaming solution for a healthcare provider that delivered information for timely diagnostic queries that are up to date within five minutes.
  • Created new customer insights and advanced targeting for a social media giant, which drove up demand and revenues by delivering unbeatable results for advertisers.
  • Delivered an ROI of more than 20x on a “1-second data” solution that makes IoT oil well data available in real time to an industrial products client and its customers.
  • Worked with a large financial institution to enable near real-time internal and external data and analytic services, replacing expensive legacy ETL and code management platforms with innovative technologies.
  • By strengthening data discovery with third party sources, and using advanced modeling techniques, we discovered purchase drivers for a CPG company that could deliver stores of untapped value.

At Clarity Solution Group we strive to solve your organization’s challenges in Customer Engagement, Data Breach Mitigation, Member and Provider Master Data Management, Healthcare Analytics, Healthcare Information Strategy, and Population Health Management. For more information, visit http://www.claritysolutiongroup.com/.

Trexin Accenture
About Trexin...
Trexin is a management consulting and IT solutions firm specializing in the application of advanced technologies that drive business value. We help our clients devise business strategies and implement solutions addressing technological innovation, government regulation, organizational restructuring, and business-model shifts. To ensure that strategy translates into action and return-on-investment, Trexin offers both advisory and execution services. We drive business value through a unique Capability Assessment, Strategy & Roadmap approach that links business objectives, strategies, and success factors to capabilities and their fundamental people, process, and technology dimensions; then we collaboratively implement the solutions using our Aligned Enterprise methodology working across organizational silos to achieve superior operational performance and financial results. Our expertise is aligned with the industries that we serve, including Financial Services, Healthcare & Life Sciences, and Products & Distribution, and we have national coverage with offices in Chicago, Minneapolis, New York and San Francisco.

Trexin’s Healthcare Practice provides Payers, Providers, Healthcare Systems, PBMs, MedTech, and Life Science companies the multidisciplinary approach needed to deliver value in an era of massively disruptive change. We specialize in Advanced Analytics and Applied Health Economics, striving to leverage technology, data, and analytic insights to drive improvements in healthcare delivery, outcomes, and cost.

Our services include business, analytics, and IT strategies; business and technology architecture; enterprise information management; data science and analytics; organizational change management; clinical change initiatives; delivery leadership; implementation services; and payer-provider collaboration.

About Accenture...
Insight driven health is the foundation of more effective, efficient and affordable healthcare. That’s why the world’s leading healthcare providers and health plans choose Accenture for a wide range of insight driven health services that help them use knowledge in new ways—from the back office to the doctor’s office. Our committed professionals combine real-world experience, business and clinical insights and innovative technologies to deliver the power of insight driven health. For more information, visit: www.accenture.com/insightdrivenhealth.
Knowledgent CitiusTech
 About Knowledgent...
Improving Lives and Business through Data

Knowledgent is an industry information consultancy that helps organizations transform their information into business results through data and analytics innovation. Knowledgent blends healthcare industry knowledge with expertise in data analysis, architecture, and engineering to drive analytic insights for major healthcare payers and providers across the United States.

Over the last three years Knowledgent has been the leader in Healthcare Payer Data & Analytics consulting, conducting Strategy & Engineering programs at 15+ Payers to help accelerate their usage of information as a strategic asset. This experience has allowed us to architect next-generation platforms enabling data science, analytics and visualization activities.

Our healthcare expertise is evidenced in our development of the Unified Patient Record (UPR), an Information Management asset and Advanced Analytics accelerator bringing together our clients’ Demographic, Claims, Labs, RX, and Electronic Medical Record data into one view, individualized with one row per member. The UPR has been deployed at a number of our healthcare clients to feed Machine Learning models and intelligent, actionable visualizations.

Examples of the work we deliver for our clients include:

Next-Generation Data Lake Build: We are working with one of the nation’s largest BCBS organizations to implement a Hadoop Data Lake infrastructure to lower their cost of data storage, increase their data throughput velocity, and enable late-binding data transformations.

Predicting Customer Complaints: We worked with another of the largest BCBS organizations to improve STAR ratings by building predictive models that identify which members are most likely to submit a complaint or grievance. The models identified 90% of the members likely to complain over the next 3-6 months, enabling the organization to drive proactive outreach to the identified members.

Increasing Risk-Adjusted Revenue: We worked with a large BCBS payer to increase their Commercial Risk-Adjusted revenue by identifying members with unreported disease conditions, presenting our client with the opportunity for an 8-figure revenue lift.

Medical Chart Review: We helped a large BCBS payer to translate paper charts to electronic charts through Optical Character Recognition, read unstructured chart data through Natural Language Processing, and performed risk-adjustment analytics on the chart data.

Member Segmentation: We have worked with a number of healthcare clients to segment their members into cohorts sharing similar characteristics and then to identify the optimal channel and messaging for intervention for each member segment. These projects have increased member engagement rates over 90%, enabling our clients to optimize their outreach ROI.

Treatment Pathway Analytics: We helped a healthcare client to visually cluster patients with a specific disease condition into the treatment pathways they undergo, correlating the order of clinical events (e.g. medications prescribed, surgeries performed) with patient outcomes (e.g. hospitalization rates, medical costs).

These are a few of the projects Knowledgent has delivered for our healthcare clients. Those interested in learning more about the Unified Patient Record and our machine learning and data visualization capabilities are invited to view a Member Segmentation and Treatment Pathway demo within our innovation center, Knowledgent Labs. For more information on Knowledgent, please visit www.knowledgent.com.

About CitiusTech...
CitiusTech (www.citiustech.com) is a specialist provider of healthcare technology services and solutions to health plans, medical technology companies, providers and life sciences organizations, with over 2,500 healthcare IT professionals worldwide. CitiusTech is a General Atlantic Portfolio company serving over 75 healthcare organizations globally and enables them to build and implement cutting-edge technology to enhance care delivery, optimize clinical processes and accelerate innovation in healthcare. CitiusTech provides deep healthcare domain knowledge, strong technology expertise, compliance to world class quality and security standards, and a highly effective global resource base. CitiusTech’s ability to consistently exceed client expectations and an unmatched cost advantage enables it to have more than 95% client retention rate over the past 10 years!Health plans today need to innovate and meet new market needs around revenue optimization, payment integrity, quality reporting, population health management and clinical data integration. With its exclusive healthcare focus, CitiusTech is well-positioned to help health plans to address their unique business needs and succeed in this dynamic environment.

CitiusTech helps health plans accelerate innovation through a number of solutions and accelerators for clinical quality reporting (BI-Clinical), healthcare big data (H-Scale), cloud computing (CQ-IQ), mobile health (M-Verge) and predictive analytics (Medictiv). CitiusTech offers a wide range of healthcare technology services to health plans including application portfolio services, enterprise data services and analytics, quality and regulatory reporting, clinical data integration and member engagement. With over 700 HL7 certified professionals – the largest worldwide – CitiusTech Professional Services Practice enables healthcare IT vendors scale their professional services organizations.

CitiusTech is widely recognized by the healthcare industry. It has been named among top 100 healthcare IT companies in 2016 HCI100 by Healthcare Informatics. CitiusTech has also been honored with the Best Companies to Work For Award in 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 by the Great Place to Work Institute®, 2015 Gold Stevie® Award, the 2013 Indo-American Corporate Excellence Award for Technology and Communication and the 2011 Red Herring Top 100 North America Award. CitiusTech is also closely associated with industry organizations, including HIMSS, HL7 and CHIME Foundation.

About emids...
emids is all about the healthcare business. We have spent our entire careers in the industry. We know the needs and realities of the healthcare business. And we spend our days learning the latest technologies, trends and challenges. Each member of our team has been where you are, and our goal is help you make your business the most successful possible.

As a niche player in the healthcare IT arena, we offer unbeatable expertise, from years of experience solving the industry’s unique challenges including healthcare application development, healthcare data migration, healthcare business intelligence solutions and mobile healthcare software. Some of the top healthcare providers, health plans and healthcare technology providers in the U.S. count on us to improve their services.



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MedeAnalytics LNRS_HealthCare_RGB_POS_150

About MedeAnalytics...

MedeAnalytics provides evidence-based insights to solve a real problem that plagues healthcare – how to use the immense amount of patient data collected along the care continuum to deliver cost-effective care and promote a healthier population. Its analytics platform delivers intelligence that helps healthcare organizations detect their greatest areas of risk and identify opportunities to improve their financial health. It empowers providers and payers to collaborate and use data to strengthen their operations and improve the quality of care. MedeAnalytics’ cloud-based tools have been used to uncover business insights for nearly 1,500 healthcare organizations across the United States and United Kingdom. The company has also been named one of Modern Healthcare’s top 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare for 2014 and 2015. For more information, visit www.medeanalytics.com.
About LexisNexis...
LexisNexis® leverages the industry’s most robust sources of provider, member, claims and public records data. Our proprietary analytics and advanced linking technology provides health care solutions that improve cost savings, health outcomes, data quality, compliance, and exposure to fraud, waste and abuse.
Optum JonahGroup-300x112
 About Optum...
Optum is a leading health services and innovation company dedicated to helping make the health system work better for everyone. With more than 100,000 people worldwide, Optum combines technology, data and expertise to improve the delivery, quality and efficiency of health care. Optum uniquely collaborates with all participants in health care, connecting them with a shared focus on creating a healthier world. Hospitals, doctors, pharmacies, employers, health plans, government agencies and life sciences companies rely on Optum services and solutions to solve their most complex challenges and meet the growing needs of the people and communities they serve.
 About Jonah Group...
The Jonah Group is a team of interactive, software, and business intelligence experts skilled in the design, construction, and management of online enterprise systems. Jonah Group’s unique ability to integrate disparate systems and build high quality custom software enables us to create strategic systems for our Health IT customers.
Celebrating our 15th year, we attract and retain large clients based on the superior quality of our work, the integrity of our people, and our intense commitment to customer service.100% of our custom projects over the last 15 years have made it into production, compared with an industry standard of 82%. We have built several systems that process billions of dollars’ worth of transactions each year for clients whom we continue to partner with.We use modern web technologies to connect providers, institutions, offices, insurance companies directly to their patients, members, and other individuals. In particular, we have developed a facility with some of the most complex health insurance business domain concepts, on par with the very specialized SMEs for whom we’ve built these systems. This depth of knowledge, supplemented by a well-defined custom software development methodology, and sensitivity to the constraints introduced by our customers’ pre-existing IT investments allows us to expediently deliver elegant, tailor-made systems into the enterprise.For more information visit www.jonahgroup.com
Informatica OTSI
 About Informatica...
Informatica is the world’s number one independent provider of data integration and management software. Thousands of organizations, including 9 of the 10 largest health insurance companies and 20+ Blues plans, rely on Informatica to maximize the value of their data assets and drive their top business initiatives. Whether you are reconciling your provider directories or reaching out for deeper member engagement, secure, quality data is the foundation. Clean, safe and connected data empowers customers to transform raw data from multiple sources and systems into actionable resources for more accurate insights and more effective decisions. Managing and integrating data across the enterprise means collecting data at its source – whether from a repository, device or process – and seamlessly deploying it to constantly changing and evolving applications. The Informatica Intelligent Data Platform, the industry’s easiest data integration platform to implement and use, includes data integration, data quality, archiving, master data management, and data security capabilities. Globally, enterprises depend on Informatica to leverage their information assets whether on-premise or in the Cloud. Visit Informatica.com/healthcare for more information.
HortonWorks  Milliman MedInsight
About Milliman MedInsight...
Milliman MedInsight’s portfolio of solutions and tools offers health plans the ability to gain valuable insight to their key data. A wide array of needs and requirements can be addressed by MedInsight’s capabilities for health plans, such as benchmarking cost and utilization metrics, population health management, employer group reporting, trend analysis, provider quality and efficiency, value-based care, ACO reporting, and risk adjustment. Most organizations are also concerned with their data quality—MedInsight’s Data Confidence Model ensures that the data that enters the system can be relied on to generate accurate results by its ability to integrate multiple complex databases while flagging inconsistencies and anomalies up front. Data will go through audits, tests, be compared against industry-standard codes and benchmarks, and with a final check done by a Milliman professional. Using data as a competitive advantage should be a part of a health plan’s core strategy—MedInsight can help.
Teradata Amitech
About Teradata...
Teradata helps more companies get value from data than any other company. Our big data analytic solutions, integrated marketing applications, and team of experts can help your company gain a sustainable competitive advantage with data.  Teradata helps organizations leverage all of their data so they can know more about their customers and business and do more of what’s really important.  With more than 10,000 professionals in 43 countries, Teradata serves top companies across consumer goods, financial services, healthcare, automotive, communications, travel, hospitality, and more. A future-focused company, Teradata is recognized by media and industry analysts for technological excellence, sustainability, ethics, and business value.  Visit teradata.com.
 About Amitech...
As one of the fastest growing healthcare and management consulting firms, we help shape the future of healthcare. Amitech envisions a world where informed healthcare creates better health. Our mission is to accelerate the transformation of healthcare into an affordable, sustainable, and informed care through data analytics.

Rapid technological advances, regulations and increased competition are disrupting the industry. There is immense pressure to simultaneously lower costs and improve outcomes. As trusted advisors, we help our clients navigate this change to improve business and clinical outcomes. Amitech works with payers, providers, industries of life sciences, and pharmaceutical companies, bringing our wealth of experience and expertise to deliver solutions and drive innovation through data analytics. We help our clients navigate the changes in healthcare to achieve their desired results. Amitech is deeply committed to each client’s success, providing better experiences and better outcomes.

  • Amitech’s Big Data and loT solutions give our clients the power to capture and analyze multitudes of structured and unstructured data and turn it into solutions that work. On the Hadoop platform, and with partnerships with Hortonworks and Big Cloud Analytics, we can combine clinical, financial, device, and other data in a powerful analytical engine.
  • We partner with Collibra and Informatica and have a robust Data Governance practice enabling us to deliver sustainable solutions. Our solutions integrate Data Governance programs with Data Quality, Reporting, MOM and Big Data platforms, driving Business and IT collaboration to achieve enterprise-wide adoption.

For more information visit www.amitechsolutions.com

Information Builders NTTDATA
Protegrity NextHealth Technologies
About Protegrity...
Protegrity helps companies protect sensitive data and maintain the freedom to use it to transform and innovate as market leaders. Built with the complexities of healthcare challenges in mind, the Protegrity Data Security Platform protects sensitive healthcare data with the most advanced tokenization and encryption technologies available on the market. Whether dealing with EMR data, provider data, payer data, or patient data, Protegrity secures the data throughout its lifecycle to ensure it is secure no matter where it gets used or stored. For more information, visit http://www.protegrity.com/2015/11/healthcare-data-security-solutions/.
About NextHealth Technologies...
NextHealth Technologies (NHT), based in Denver, is a prescriptive analytics and consumer engagement company that measurably reduces medical costs. NHT has succeeded in delivering a sustained 25% reduction in ER visits and savings of over $12 PMPM in medical claims costs. The system scales to over 30 use cases, including reduction of out-of-network provider usage and avoidable ER visits, and retention of high-value members. NextHealth supports millions of members and a myriad of health plans, including UnitedHealthcare, BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee, Florida Blue, and Colorado Access. NHT offers an at-risk managed services contract based on 20% of causal claims savings.
About NASCO...
NASCO is owned by and exclusively serves Blue Cross and Blue Shield Plans across the nation. Our integrated suite of administrative solutions help Blue Plans address unique business challenges and revolutionize business operations. We provide seamless benefit management, eligibility, membership, billing and claims processing support for our Blue Plan customers, allowing them to provide competitive healthcare products in federal, state and multistate markets for more than 23 million members.

NASCO’s partnership with multiple Blue Plans provides a community that fosters the collaboration needed to deliver shared solutions while balancing speed-to-market goals with Plan-specific needs. We are dedicated to helping the Blues build a better healthcare system for America. We are more than just a company. We are a community. We are NASCO.

For more information, visit www.nasco.com


Silver Sponsors

HighPoint Solutions Health Lumen
About Health Lumen...
All Data is Healthcare Data TMHealth Lumen, with products originated out of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas City, has been offering sophisticated analytic and data management solutions exclusively to the healthcare market since 2012. Blending your data and ours through proven industry methodologies and data science techniques, we foster true business and clinical value. Our solutions cover the entire spectrum – from data integration and data enrichment to intuitive dashboards and analytic consulting.

In today’s changing healthcare landscape, companies need new ways to utilize existing and new data to monitor and enhance efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction. We have crafted a talented team of healthcare and business intelligence expertise for one reason: to deliver simple, affordable, scalable analytics solutions using best-in-class data science and analytic technology capabilities. We proactively empower some of the nation’s premier health plans, healthcare provider organizations and self-funded employers.


About V2Soft...
For more than a decade, V2Soft has been helping healthcare customers solve their business challenges. By combining healthcare expertise with technology and leveraging delivery models that provide value, V2Soft can partner with your healthcare organization to help drive improved operational performance.We specialize in creative ideas, collaborative engagement approaches and highly experienced teams. Our solution areas include core IT services, driving customer engagement using mobile, web and social media solutions, and generating meaningful and predicative insights from big data and analytics.

Our CMMI 3 driven processes and our ISO 27001 certification with HIPPA compliance helps alleviate any customer concerns about security and compliance while leveraging our U.S.-based or global delivery models.

A track record of repeat business and success in automating various business processes for health plans, providers and pharmacies, to Fortune 500 healthcare organizations demonstrates the trust our customers have in us and our ability to deliver.

 About Perficient...
At Perficient Digital, we believe connected health can transform healthcare delivery. With the strategic imagination of an agency, unleashed by the deep technical know-how of a consultancy, our execution never fails our vision. We dream big, build beautiful, measure confidently, and optimize obsessively. Because great brands are no longer “built” with a bull horn – they are made from every great customer moment. We have a long history working with BCBS health plans, and the knowledge and best practices we have collected during these engagements have been pooled and re-purposed to bring new value to a variety of BCBS organizations and their partners including BCBSM, BCBSMA, BSCA, BCBSTN, BCBSSC, Florida Blue, BCBSMN, HCSC, BCBSKS and NASCO.

Analytix Data Services Sandhill Erwin
About Sandhill Consultants...
Sandhill Consultants Ltd is a worldwide organization providing industry-acclaimed data architecture solutions, services training and modeling standards and best practices (EM-SOS!) Frameworks to businesses, organizations, and professionals since 1989. Sandhill’s is a leader in the Enterprise Modeling Architecture space.  For more information please visit http://www.sandhillconsultants.com/.
About ERwin...
ERwin, Inc. is the maker of the award-winning and industry leading data modeling solution used by more than 50,000 data management professionals in 60+ countries. The gold standard in data management, ERwin enables midsize and enterprise companies to model and govern their most valuable resource – their data – and acts as an information hub to share data definitions, rules and structures across the organization. ERwin has a 15-year rich history, but what’s most exciting is the role that ERwin is coming to play as the foundation for global Big Data initiatives.ERwin take any ANY2 approach to data management. No matter what type of data a business uses – structured or unstructured – and no matter where that data is stored — in-house relational databases or a public or private cloud – ERwin ensures that the insights and results from Big Data projects are reliable and achievable.
X by 2 Technosoft
About X by X 2, LLC.
Founded in 1998, X by 2 is a technology consultancy solely focused on the practice of architecture in the insurance industry. Whether Health, Life, or P&C our Architects and Program Leaders understand the insurance business and have proven experience planning and delivering core insurance systems, auxiliary business applications and enterprise integrations. For more info, please visit xby2.com and follow us on LinkedIn or Twitter


 Health Data Innovations